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Honor Hales was born in Dublin in 1971. She studied Visual Communications through design in Waterford Regional Technical College from 1989 to 1993. Honor uses lead on glass with handmade papers and textiles. She also works with golf leaf, industrial resins, stained glass and paint. Honor’s work centres on natural forms with a leaning towards plant and sea life. A wide range of cultural influences are also present with the adaptation of Celtic, Egyptian and Native American symbolism. With a belief that art work should allow the viewer to interact with the individual piece in some way, there is always one different texture to be felt on the surface of the glass.

The Original Fairy Tree
Fairy tree, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath.

The guardian of Springs and wells that have always been held sacred to mankind, the Fairy tree is usually a Hawthorn. Thought to be a means of communication with fairies and otherworld spirits, many shrines still exist where wish rags and offerings are tied to the trees branches in order to attract luck, love, healing and success.


West End Knitwear are designers and manufacturers of Irish Aran crafted sweaters, shawls, jumpers, cardigans and wool accessories.

The village of Monasterevin in the county of Kildare is the home of West End Knitwear. The company was originally established by Molly Cullen in 1957. Molly is the granddaughter of Kate O’Shea, who, in 1856, was the first craftswoman in Ireland to commercially market her robust, hand knitted woollens. Molly’s sons John and Paul along with her grandson Niall are the present owners of the company.

For more information about West End Knitwear visit their website:www.westendknitwear.ie

Aran Crafts the home of Irish aran sweaters, wool shawls, cable jumpers, woolen cardigans and wool accessories.

If you are thinking of a gift for that special person perhaps an Irish Sweater or Irish Cable Cardigan would be a wonderful present, especially if that person has Irish roots! A chunky Irish sweater is a great gift for the man in your life, especially if he is the outdoors type! Range of modern ladies Irish sweaters and cardigans that would make a great gift for the younger lady and a traditional range for the lady who prefers the more traditional aran stitching.

For more information about Aran Crafts visit their website:www.arancrafts.com


In one of the most historic and picturesque villages in North County Dublin, Ireland, there is an award winning Studio that creates exquisitely detailed pieces of sculptures that depict Celtic cultures.

The Village is Naul which derives its name from ‘An Aill’ (meaning cliff). The Studio is ‘O’Gowna’ which is situated in the shadow of the black castle below the cliff just above the valley across from the hermits cave, around the corner from the famous Seamus Ennis Centre.

Inspired by their surroundings and generations past, the Artists have created masterpieces that are to be found in the homes of such people as the President of Ireland, The Taoiseach, John Hume, Maureen O’Hara and many more. They are exhibited in such places as the New York chess museum, the Frankfurt Chess Museum and the Museum Association of America.

Celtic Chess

Celtic Chess is handmade in Ireland for the cultured collector. The design is based on a board that is in the National History Museum in Dublin, which is believed to be made of bog oak and dates from the 9th Century. This is a unique gift that is a treasure to own and a joy to play. A most intriguing game to challenge the heroes of our time.

The game was designed by Lugh the Ildàna, the Celtic God of Arts and Crafts and set to test the champions of the land of Hibernia. Cuchulainn, one of the greatest of Irish heroes, was said to be a master of the game as it was a requirement of all champions to master the game. This reproduction is created in O’Gowna Studios in Dublin, Ireland.

For more information about this game and other sculptures created by O’Gowna visit their website: O’Gowna Handcrafted Irish Culture