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11 must do’s on your bucket list for Hill of Tara

11 must do’s on your bucket list for Hill of Tara

11 must do’s on your bucket list for Hill of Tara

If you are one of the many millions that have experienced our gorgeous coffee and scones, have a think about the following ideas that you may not know about and could experience too!

Here we suggest 11 things on your bucket list of to do’s at Maguires cafe on the famous Hill of Tara!

1. Celebrate your birthday with us

We will present you an unforgettable experience and make a delicious cake for you!!

2. Order our gorgeous seafood chowder

Maguires Secrets revealed… You will love this delicious chowder because in addition to all ingredients we add a bit of love and care for you! Yum Yum !!!!

3. Meet your clients

Many choose Maguires Cafe for setting up a business meeting. The music is not too loud, it’s not noisy and everything is made to let you concentrate on Business while enjoying your coffee in a welcoming environment!

4. Relax

Sit back in your comfortable chair, order something tasty and relax. This place will blow your problems and worries away!!

5. Bring your laptop over and let your creativity flow

They say a cafe is the best place to work. It doesn’t feel like the office and let’s you think freely concentrating on the tasks you have to complete!

6. Treat yourself and your closest friends with unique gifts

You will find amazing unique hand crafted gifts in our shop for any of your friends, colleagues or relatives! You don’t have to go very far, it’s located in the same building!!

7. Play board / card games

Bring along your friends, family and board/card games and play a little while you enjoy the coffee and fine cakes !!!!

8. Learn the History

Ask us and we will happily tell you all you want to know about The Great History of our Cafe and the Tara Hill!!

9. Meet new people

A lot of interesting people from all over the world visit our cafe everyday! You just cant find a better place to make friends!!

10. Bring your kids over

Maguires Cafe is super child-friendly! We have carefully chosen organic produced that we know your child will enjoy and ask for more!

11. Meet up with your friends

It’s a perfect place to meet with all your mates at lunch! Welcoming atmosphere, delicious meals and caring staff will make your day! You can book your table in advance! Just give us a call on 086 887 30 30!


There are customers who order melted ice with frozen water or diet water with no calorie ice, but we reassure you – we have something way more delicious in our menu than that! Check it out yourself!

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