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How to Get Back into the Routine after the Holidays

How to Get Back into the Routine after the Holidays

How to Get Back into the Routine after the Holidays

Getting back into the normal swing of your daily life after a long holiday break can be a bit challenging. Most of us have spent the last several days, or perhaps even a couple of weeks, enjoying a slower pace, being around close friends and family and most of our time centred on the “fun stuff.”

While it may be difficult to get things back in gear and going full speed after the holidays, it is actually a great time to get organised and set goals for the year ahead. Throughout our normal daily routine, most of us fight just to stay on course and not fall too far behind with the necessary “to do” items. Taking a few hours to reflect on the previous year, set goals for the year ahead and put them on paper is a great way to be energised and attack the year ahead with passion.

Get Organised

Start by making a list, or if you are a bit more detail oriented a spreadsheet can be a fabulous tool. List all of the goals you want to achieve for the year, all of the things that need to be done and any miscellaneous items that are important. These should be organised by separating business from personal as well as have some type of priority and timeline attached to each item.

Set Big Picture Goals

Make sure you include a section of “big picture” goals. These might include a career change or a move to a different part of your country, or even out of the country. Most of these goals will require many steps and smaller goals to be achieved in order to accomplish the larger task, which is the final goal. Be sure to plot the path of the smaller goals so you know exactly what must be done and this will allow you to track your progress.

Include a Deadline

It can be easy to keep putting things off for another day unless you include a deadline with each and every goal. Be realistic, but ensure you have a deadline to meet. This will help push you to make the time needed to spend for accomplishing a particular goal. A goal without a deadline often turns into a wish.

Think Outside of the Box

You can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. Often, with each passing year we lose just a little of our dreams by accepting the current status in life. Make 2015 the year you recapture your zest for life and live the life you have always wanted. Do not be afraid to think big and make big goals. A series of small steps, a few at a time, can lead to amazing and wonderful changes in life. And don’t forget to join us for even better meals and coffee in 2015!

Happy New Year!

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