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How to Take Better Travel Photos

How to Take Better Travel Photos

How to Take Better Travel Photos

Since most of the photos you will be taking are outdoors, it would be beneficial to learn a few tips on how to best capture picture perfect travel photos without appearing like it’s an imitation of postcards you can easily buy at airports. 

If you try to recall your last vacation, what do you fondly remember? Those iconic landmarks? Or perhaps it’s the colourful farmer’s market and the fresh smell of pastries that wafted through the bakery window?

As you explore and discover the magnificent views and intriguing nooks and crannies of the Hill of Tara, think “outside the postcard” and focus more on creating your own stories and memories. To help you out, here are some tips:

Include Signage.

When taking photos, include signs written in the local language including menus, street signs and local papers that reflect the vibrant feel of the place. 

Include People.

Consider including people in your frames – particularly locals instead of tourists lounging and chatting in cafes in historical places in Ireland, or perhaps those doing mundane things like choosing flowers from the sidewalk or walking their dogs. Pick a spot and be an avid observer. It is always wonderful to add the human element in your travel photos. 

Create a Story

Take a series of shots. For instance, you can take a wide shot of a Maguires shop that sells authentic Irish jewellery then follow it up with some close-up photos of items for sale. Include people exchanging money, or perhaps the children laughing or an old fellow smoking a pipe in the background. 

Take Action Shots.

When shooting pictures of family at famous landmarks, avoid those staged shots that always come across as boring and unimaginative. Instead, take shots of your kids in action; capture the wonder in their faces as they explore Ireland.

Instead of traditional postcard-like pictures, these types of photos are guaranteed to evoke more emotion and fun memories that are sure to make you smile for years to come. 

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