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Keeping the Christmas Dream Alive. Is Santa Real?

Keeping the Christmas Dream Alive. Is Santa Real?

Keeping the Christmas Dream Alive. Is Santa Real?

Well, Christmas time is here and while shopping for online gifts I came across a forum debate on telling your kids the truth about Santa. Opinions vary quite a bit on this subject and personally, I do not see anything wrong with letting your kids believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa. I do not even remember when I first learned Santa was not real, but I do remember the many wonderful Christmas Eves I spent trying to stay awake to see him. So while I sipping on some of the best coffee in Ireland atthe Hill of Tara café, I decided to write down my reasons for keeping the Santa Claus myth alive.

Reasons to Let Your Kids Believe

#1 Life is Full of Unpleasant Things

Let’s face it; life is full of things that are stressful, difficult and outright terrible. That is not to say there are not many wonderful things also, but there is no doubt plenty of unpleasant events in the world. So why not let Christmas be a magical time for your kids and at least preserve a few days of the year that are truly magical.

#2 The Spirit of Giving

I think the Santa myth is a great way to keep the spirit of giving alive! Too often, holidays turn into events focused on receiving online gifts and expensive presents, which misses the entire point and spirit of Christmas. Santa is a good reminder for kids and adults to think about what is really important in life and the real purpose for holidays. What gifts you receive or any gifts at all, should really be secondary for why you and your family enjoy Christmas. The holiday should be focused on enjoying people, not how expensive a present was or how many online gifts your received!

 #3 Creativity and Fantasy is Important

Creativity and fantasy is important in life. Many times, we lose part of that as we grow older and forget the power our dreams can have. Sometimes I find this limits people in what they think they can and cannot accomplish in life. Keeping the fantasy of St. Nick alive lets your kids dream big and believe anything is possible, a lesson many of us need to learn again.

Every child gets to an age where they start asking if Santa is real. Perhaps you will think about the reasons above before you spill the beans and kick St. Nick out the door. The lessons and value of the Santa Claus myth has much greater effects on our lives than we may realise. 

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