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Life is too short for bad coffee. 15 facts about coffee you most likely never heard about

Life is too short for bad coffee. 15 facts about coffee you most likely never heard about

Life is too short for bad coffee. 15 facts about coffee you most likely never heard about

coffee1. In the 9th Century Ethiopian shepherds noticed that their goats were almost dancing around coffee trees. Some say that coffee was discovered then.

2. All over the world people drink about 1.6 billion cups of coffee every single day

3. Originally, people used to eat coffee. East African tribes milled coffee beans and mixed them up with animal fat. According to the legend, soldiers ate the paste to get energy for a battle.

4. They say that Americano was invented during the 2nd world war by American soldiers, who asked to add more water into their espresso because it was too strong for them.

5. Rich Japanese people make coffee baths: a small tub or a pool is filled and warmed up to 60 degrees celsius with some coffee beans. After 20 minutes of such bath anyone will feel rested and energised.

6. The oldest cat in the world Creme Puff who lived 38 years (Guinness records book) used to drink coffee. Her owner gave her coffee for breakfast along with rashers, broccoli and eggs.

7. Cappuccino today is one of the most famous coffee drinks in the world. But do you know why it has th is name? It was called like this after the brown clothes of Capuchin monks who use to drink it this way.

8. Coffee can significantly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists say that risk reduction ranges from 23 to 67%! Incredible!

9. Ludwig van Beethoven loved his coffee so much! He always made a cup of coffee out of 60 beans!

10. About 4000-5000 coffee beans are used to make 1kg of roasted coffee

11. The most expensive coffee is produced in Indonesia and called Kopi luwak (it costs around US$100 and $600 per pound):

The luak, that’s a small catlike animal, gorges after dark on the most ripe, the best of our crop. It digests the fruit and expels the beans, which our farm people collect, wash, and roast, a real delicacy. Something about the natural fermentation that occurs in the luak’s stomach seems to make the difference. For Javanese, this is the best of all coffees—our Kopi luak.

                                                      — Doyo Soeyono Kertosastro, Indonesian Coffee Farmer, March 1981 National Geographic

12. You must think that the most cups of coffee are drunk in America, but actually there are other countries which are the leaders: Netherlands – 2.5 cups a day per person, Finland – 1.8 cups, Sweden – 1.4 cups. In the meantime in the USA people drink only 0.9 cups a day per person.

13. Instant coffee was invented by George Washington, who was an American inventor and businessman of Anglo-Belgian origin.

14. Manufacturers in Brazil produce over 2.5 millions tons of coffee every year which is around 33% of the World Coffee market.

15. Have a cup of gorgeous black coffee with no sugar, it will not only wake up up and give you a ton of energy, it also has absolutely no calories. And more: it actually increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat.


So with all these facts we have provided today why not enjoy your first cup of coffee in our Café on the Hill of Tara. We would be delighted to serve it to you any way you chooser!!!

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