If you are planning to visit Ireland in November, don’t be surprised to see men proudly sporting their moustache. It’s officially a “No Shave November” month across the country, appropriately referred to as Movember!

If it’s your first time hearing about it, it’s a rapidly growing global charity-based movement encouraging men to grow out their moustache’s with the goal of raising funds and promoting awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Movember first started in Ireland back in 2008, and presented a fun, hip way men could participate in funding cancer research while giving them the perfect excuse to feel uber grizzly and simply put their best moustache on display.

However, the concept actually dates back 2003 and was introduced by Adam Garone, along with three others, who encouraged a small group of 30 men to grow their moustache’s as a fundraiser for men’s health. Today, this very campaign takes place regularly in over 20 countries across the globe with more than one million participants – both men and women.

Get Your Mo On

So how about taking part in this tradition and letting your ‘stache’ go wild while promoting men’s health? Go ahead and wear your ‘stache’ like a badge honor!

With so many moustache styles out there, how do you know which one will show off your best look? To help you get prepped for Movember, here’s an infographic to help you look good while doing good:


Infographics Movember

Epic Moustaches 

Movember is the perfect time to celebrate ‘manliness’. If you can’t quite decide what style suits you best, here are some iconic moustache inspirations you can draw upon:

Epic Mo

The Horseshoe

When it comes to creating a list of famous men with moustaches, the great pro wrestler Hulk Hogan quickly comes to mind, and his memorable horseshoe moustache. For those wanting to make a bold statement, this mustache is the ultimate sign of masculinity. It is often a style that testosterone-fueled professional wrestlers and A-List actors adopt.

Horseshoe mo

The Chevron

If you want to sport a more classic moustache, the Chevron is one that will never go out of style. Popularized during the 70’s and 80’s, its firm, no-nonsense appeal is what most moustache aficionados appreciate.

Movember on Tara

The Handlebar

If you fancy looking like a politician from the 18th century or perhaps a carnival strong man, just for the next 30 days, then the handlebar moustache may just be the right look for you.  To create this style properly, you will need to wax each side of the moustache and curl the ends in an upward direction.



Have some fun, be creative and do some good by celebrating Movember this year and every year with Maguires on Tara!