Freckleface Home Fragrance

Classic Collection of 10 Soy Wax Melts

€15 €20

The Classic Collection of 10 Soy Wax Melts is a selection of the most popular vegan wax melts including Lemon & Pine, Clean Laundry, Pomegranate Black, Orange Lime & Basil, Coffee Cooler, Sea Breeze, Peony & Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, and Green Tea & Lemongrass. 

Each of the scented wax melts are handmade by Tara and Noah Carlile-Swift of Freckleface Home Fragrance and Tara is actually named after the Hill of Tara, so we just had to stock these sumptuous vegan wax melts! 

All melts in this collection are vegan and the packaging is plastic-free. Simply place the cute little melt on top of any suitable burner and insert a tea light inside the burner. Each fragrance melt has incredible throw power that will fill the room for at least 20 hours.

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