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The Hill of Tara: Be prepared to explore

The Hill of Tara: Be prepared to explore

The Hill of Tara: Be prepared to explore

A visit to Ireland is not complete without a journey to the seat of the High Kings, or what is more popularly known as the Hill of Tara. In past centuries, this site was designated as a religious and political centre and is considered one of the most important landmarks in all of Ireland. In fact, mythology and ancient Irish religion proclaim the Hill of Tara as a sacred place, a dwelling for gods and believed to be the entrance to another realm.

Located in county Meath, the amazing combination of sweeping views, ancient structures and eerie Celtic mysticism that embrace the area draws in thousands of visitors every year. The best way to discover and explore the Hill of Tara is to take one of the numerous guided tours available, which will help you better understand the significance of the site, its colourful history and areas of interest. 

These tours usually last one to two hours on average and will include a lot of walking on uneven terrain. It is important to note that the Hill of Tara has restricted access for individuals with disabilities, particularly those with limited mobility. Because the tour is primarily outdoors, involves uneven and difficult terrain, visitors and tourists are advised to wear appropriate clothing for the seasonal weather conditions. 

In addition, enjoying the full experience will require a fair amount of walking and landscapes that will require navigating inclines, slopes and difficult terrain. Comfortable footwear and an energetic spirit should be on your list of required items before you take the magnificent journey into centuries past. 

As you walk along the pathways of the Hill of Tara, you will soak in the sheer beauty and magnificence of the site, the ancient times of Ireland will surround you. Feel free to snap some photos, but make sure to spend time appreciating its grandeur without your camera as well. A photo never quite fully captures the true essence of the Hill of Tara experience, something that can only be felt by the human spirit. 

After some serious walking and adventure, be sure to allocate some time to enjoy the best coffee in Ireland. In particular, The Hill of Tara Café is one of the most distinguished coffee shops in Ireland and offers authentic premium blends and delicate fares. It is a favourite spot among tourists and visitors all year round. Known as a popular pit stop after a long trek around the magical site, The Hill of Tara Café offers an endless stream of piping hot coffee and exquisite meals, which is always a welcome reprieve from the elements.

Items to bring for a journey on the Hill of Tara

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