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The Hill of Tara – Christmas Traditions Irish Style!

The Hill of Tara – Christmas Traditions Irish Style!

The Hill of Tara – Christmas Traditions Irish Style!

It is almost that time of year again, the Christmas season is upon us and people all over the globe are preparing to celebrate the holiday season with traditions that have been practised for hundreds of years. If you are lucky enough to be visiting The Hill of Tara, or anywhere in Ireland, during the holiday season then you will have a chance to enjoy some of the local Irish Christmas traditions.

Swimming on Christmas Day?

A nice, cool swim on Christmas Day is a tradition that happens all over Ireland. The Forty Foot Rock, which is located south of the city of Dublin, is the most well known location and a must-see in Ireland, where this tradition takes place. On Christmas Day, hundreds of people gather at the rock and jump into the sea wearing only a swimsuit. 

When I say a “cool” swim, I mean it! Water temperatures are typically between 45F and 55F, with the outside temperature far below that. This is certainly one of the more unique Christmas traditions anywhere on the globe and perhaps one you may want to mark off your bucket list, if you are brave enough…

Terrible Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It is difficult to know exactly when this tradition got started, but it is certainly one of the best! In Ireland, there is a bit of an “unspoken competition” as to who can wear the worst Christmas sweater. Let us be honest, we have all gotten at least a few Christmas sweaters as gifts over the years that were not exactly “in style”.  

This tradition makes wearing your ugliest holiday sweater an event and something to be admired. It is not uncommon to see local folks wearing sweaters that are decorated with bells, lights, ornaments and even food items! Make your mark at The Hill of Tara Café and sport your ugliest sweater to celebrate the holiday season.

Get in the Local Holiday Spirit

If you will be enjoying all or part of the holiday season in Ireland, get in the local spirit and partake in some of the traditions that date back hundreds of years. There are actually quite a few unique Irish Christmas traditions, but it is just a bit early to let you in on all the secrets of an Irish Christmas. Check back for more traditions that will make your Irish Christmas special in the coming weeks!

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