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What Is Your Wish for the New Year?

What Is Your Wish for the New Year?

What Is Your Wish for the New Year?

The hours and the days are quickly ticking past, 2014 has almost come to a close and 2015 is just about to begin. Most of us have a little time between now and New Year’s Eve, allowing us to slow down a bit, reflect on the year coming to a close and the year ahead.

For many years it has been a long standing tradition to make a wish as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, in some countries they make 12 wishes with the last 12 ticks of the year. As we get closer to the final day of 2014, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what your 2015 wish will be.

Looking back over the last decade much has changed across the globe. The world is a much different place, technology is racing forward, the economy for most people is very different than in years past and it seems like time moves by faster than ever before. Without even considering the last decade, I know, much has changed in my life in 2014 alone.

Have you thought about your wish for 2015 yet?

I am not certain how effective an actual “wish” really is, but I do believe in karma, a wish of sorts I suppose. This year I am taking my New Year’s wish much more seriously and I am determined to make it a wish that is sincere, honest and a wish that benefits other people as well as myself. The world is changing fast and people seem to be under more pressure than ever before. This is very apparent if you step back for a moment and observe for a little while the next time you are out at the grocery store or around town running errands.

What are the top wishes?

People wish for all types of things this time of year, the list below gives some of the wishes that are most common.

Top Wishes:

– More Money

– Finding the Right Partner for Marriage or Relationship

– Continued Good Health or Cure to a Health Problem

– A New Job

– A New Technology Gadget, Car or Clothes

While there is nothing wrong with the wishes above, personally I am not too intrigued, by any of them. Mainly because I do not believe any of those things truly bring true happiness and contentment to your life. Some of them might be pieces of your overall life, but by themselves, they will not help you find real inner peace and contentment. When I say inner peace and contentment, I do not mean sitting in a dark room and meditating for 8 hours.

What I mean is waking up every day feeling complete, excited about the day ahead and even if problems arise you are so confident in your ability and the direction of your life, the problems do not affect your outlook at all. I also mean peace and contentment to the point that if someone asked you if you could change anything at all about your life with a simple snap of your fingers, you would not change a single thing. Do you know anyone in that category? There are not too many around.

Designing the life you really want, so you will have that type of contentment is no easy task, but it can be done. It takes courage, a lot of thought about what you really want from and a little luck too, perhaps in the form of a wish coming true.

So, what is my wish for 2015?

My wish for 2015 is that more people have the courage to make the dramatic changes in their life that will bring them true happiness, peace and contentment within themselves and their life. While my wish on the surface does not seem to benefit me in any way, I am fine with that. Perhaps one day someone will make a wish for me and karma will bring me an unexpected gift. For now, I would not change a thing…

What is your wish for the New Year?

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