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Why are the Irish so Friendly?

Why are the Irish so Friendly?

Why are the Irish so Friendly?

It is an accepted fact across the globe that the Irish people are as friendly, if not the most friendly, as any other culture in the world. In fact, a couple of years ago lonelyplanet.com wrote an article that ranked the top 10 friendliest countries in the world, guess who was at the very top of the list? Well, of course, Ireland! While Ireland is certainly known for the Hill of Tara, Irish jewellery and the Tara Brooch, the friendly and fun-loving attitude of the Irish people is typical, what people favour the most about Ireland.

A Unique Approach to Daily Life

If you have ever met a full-blooded Irish person or have visited Ireland, then you are certainly aware of how kind the Irish seem to be. There are quite a few reasons the Irish culture offers such a friendly and accepting attitude, an attitude woven into Irish society through many years of unique circumstances. The social environment is very different from most places. It is common to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger that lasts for over an hour while sitting at one of the coffee shops in Ireland. That is an everyday occurrence. 

Reason #3

One of the reasons why Irish people are so friendly is because they grow up in a culture that is laid back and relaxed. There is a popular saying, “to make a friend; you must be a friend”; this is clearly the general attitude of Irish culture. If you spend more than five minutes in Ireland, you will see evidence of this at every turn.

Reason #2

The country has a history of avoiding war, in recent history certainly. Ireland adopted a stance of neutrality during World War II, a position it still maintains today. When neutrality was adopted, the reason behind it was maintaining the focus on the problems within Ireland and doing everything possible to help the citizens of Ireland. In the 1930’s Ireland was still a relatively poor country centred in an economy driven by agriculture. 

This speaks to the “live and lets live” attitude of the Irish where they prefer to worry about their problems and not the issues of others. At the core, while the Irish people are strong and proud, they are also humble and lighthearted. Obviously, the friendly attitude has not only defined daily social settings in Ireland, but also political policy as well. Give an Irishman the choice of going to war and pushing your will on others, or sitting at the local pub and having a laugh while enjoying some of the best food in Ireland it is easy to figure out what most would choose.

The #1 Reason Why Irish People Are So Friendly

Ireland today is a stable and flourishing member of the EU with some large cities and economic developments occurring all over the country. Not only that but it has also become a centre for millions of tourists each year, providing amazing offerings to visitors such as the Hill of Tara Café with some of the best food in Ireland, a must-see in Ireland. Tourists do not visit just to search for the best food or the best coffee in Ireland at scenic locations; they are also drawn to the local Irish jewellery and West end knitwear. However, Ireland was not always so stable and full of opportunity.

The country has gone through some very difficult times throughout history. In the 18th century, Ireland had an extended period of harsh winters, which ultimately led to over 400,000 deaths. The Great Potato Famine in 1845 led to over one million deaths and a million people left Ireland. Then, of course, there was the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War within 3 years of each other.    

My #1 reason the Irish are so friendly is they know what is truly valuable in life and what real tragedy is. When you or someone close to you, experiences firsthand death, destruction and true economic hopelessness, it changes your perspective on life. You realise that being a little tight on money or someone being a touch rude is irrelevant in the big scheme of things. There are many things to be grateful for each and every day. For the Irish, if you have your family, your health and laughter fill the air, then you have everything and every day should be a celebration.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hill of Tara Café so we can share our Irish hospitality, Irish humour and some of the best food in Ireland.  

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