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Winter Solstice 2014: Marking an End to the Past and a Beginning of the Future

Winter Solstice 2014: Marking an End to the Past and a Beginning of the Future

Winter Solstice 2014: Marking an End to the Past and a Beginning of the Future

Without the tilted position of the earth, we would still experience weather, but we would no longer have the various seasons that make nature so beautiful and add vibrant colours to our lives. The winter solstice is the mark for the Northern Hemisphere that winter has officially begun, and in 2014, people gather at Newgrange for dawn on each of the mornings from December 18th to December 23rd inclusive. Of course, if winter is starting for the Northern Hemisphere then this also means summer time is beginning for the southern part of the globe.

This brings the night of the year that is the longest as well the shortest amount of daylight, as the sun sits in the sky at a lower point than any other time of the year. This can be an important event for many people on the globe as it offers a chance to let go of what is in the past, and enjoy a rebirth to forge ahead and build a new future.

Winter Solstice Fun Fact:

Remember 2012? Many were predicting an end to the world on Winter Solstice because the translations of the Mayan calendar apparently predicted it. Obviously, we are all still here so that did not happen. 

Did you know?

While the Winter Solstice brings the shortest day of the year, chances are you will have a lot more daylight than some other places in the world. Iceland will have just under eight hours of daylight on the Winter Solstice, with the sun refusing to rise until after 10 AM and disappearing again just after 5 PM.

A Unique Winter Solstice Event in Ireland

Newgrange is an ancient structure that is round in shape and contains classical stone passages and chambers in the interior section. The site is located in County Meath and speculation about the original purpose for the site runs rampant, as there is no documented history.

This structure is over 5,000 years old and is a focal point of the Winter Solstice in Ireland. On the Winter Solstice sunlight hits the monument in such a way, that it lights up the inside passages and chamber. The event only lasts for a few short minutes, but it is truly amazing.

However, only 100 people get to see this each year: 50 lucky winners who are chosen via a lottery system can bring 1 more person along. You can read the rules and apply here: Official Newgrange Website or drop them an email to brunaboinne@opw.ie with the required information:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Telephone Number (including international code)
  • Email address

Over the last year there were 30,532 application submitted their applications to experience Winter Solstice 2014 in Ireland!

At other times of the year the site does offer private tours, so if you have the chance be sure to put it on your list of top places to see.

If you dont fancy the waiting times in Newgrange join us on the Hill of Tara and watch the sun rise and set from top of the hill and soak in the amazing panoramic views and celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new year.


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