Discover Ireland | Explore 25 Epic Irish Trails

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fresh air on your face and rugged terrain underfoot as you reach the summit of one of Ireland’s majestic mountains. Wander down woodland routes, escape to the coast on stunning seaside walks and conquer the highest peaks in the country, where spectacular views await.

Here’s our Discover Ireland guide to the best walking trails and hikes in Ireland.

The best short walks and hikes in Ireland

1. Hill of Tara Walk

Step back in time to when high kings ruled the kingdoms of Ireland on the Hill of Tara walk in Meath. The iconic circular ridges in the landscape mark the site where people in ancient Ireland believed sacred gods lived and, later it became famous as the place where St Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland.

This short 1.3km looped walk begins at lively Maguires Café and passes by St. Patrick’s Church as you climb the short hill to Mound of the Hostages and Stone of Destiny. The loop brings you back to the start point in less than an hour.


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