Homestay | 7 Day Trips from Dublin

Dublin is a great base to get started when visiting Ireland. However, some of my favourite spots on the island are found just outside the city! Day trips are the best way to see the countryside around Dublin. There are too many places to count that were worth seeing, so I narrowed it down to my top seven.

1. Hill of Tara

Located forty-five minutes northwest of Dublin, the Hill of Tara was once the seat of the High King of Ireland. There, you can find the Stone of Destiny. According to legend, when the king laid his hands upon the stone, the stone would then scream out, declaring him the true king. The Hill of Tara is also just a great place to wander, as many locals walk their dogs through the field.

Food tip: While there, be sure to check out Maguires Cafe.

Getting there: I was able to visit the Hill of Tara through Irish Day Tours via their Celtic Boyne Valley tour. The 109 bus also runs to the destination, or you can rent a car and drive up the M3.

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